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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fibromyalgia - The invisible hell

The last couple of days, I've been dealing. With a flare up. Hurts like crazy. It doesn't help that the weather is changing from day to day. My wrists and ankles are the worst. They settled Down while I took a nice warm shower only to flare even worse. Today, it is making me feel kinda upset and depressed. That has been a rare feeling for me as I do my best to stay positive. I need to get praying more. It's just hard to keep up a pretense so if I am frustrated, I am purely frustrated. I can't blame it on anyone else, nor would I intentionally do so. Heaven Father makes me feel better and also, knowing that I hurt, my baby girl, Punkyn Pye helps me to feel better.

Patience is a good thing. Today, I am doing what I can to make things better. I only wish at this moment, that I didn't have this problem. Grouchy and irritable and staying out of testy conversations today. No one else has to feel the way I feel nor do they have to incur my wrath because of it. I hope you understand that I'm not like this everyday and that most of the time I am a happy person. Just be patient with me as I will come out of this soon...... I hope!