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Friday, March 16, 2012

Do I or don't I?

Not feeling so certain about what to write, the author sits and meditates in her favorite lounge chair. Actually, it is the only lounge chair in the room and it has been consigned to her. No one else sits in it but maybe the man in her life. Anyway, she sits and wonders what she can amaze or bore people with in her literary way.. Having the ability of whit and charm (yeah right!), she begins to realize that she is just rambling on and on.

Maybe a subject will appear out of all this she thinks suddenly. Like "I could actually tell how we all do that in our daily lives." She thinks almost out loud. How many times do you just sit and think in a rambling way? I personally am either blessed or cursed with this affliction. I tend to mentally plan out what I want to accomplish and then, after some thought, I tend to just start thinking of something else. Lately, I've been having a lot of medical appointments for my health and welfare. Throw in a weekly visit or two to the Physical Therapist for a bad shoulder and you get one confused (Like I needed the help here) gal. Pretty soon, I started to actually keep a schedule of the visits, setting them up in my IPad and marking them with an alarm. Good idea right? It would be if I was ever around WIFI when it was time for the alarm to go off and had the IPad with me... So, that idea went to the wayside also.

The next idea was to put a copy of all the appointments on the refrigerator and keep tabs on them that way. So far, it seems to be working..As long as I remember to take down the old ones. Now, to organize my thought and other such sundry things. I started with my pictures...Yes, I have well over 5,000 pictures on 3 items in my possession. The duplicates were astronomical to say the least. So I downloaded the pictures on my phone and IPad into my computer. I then spent mindless hours categorizing them and making a merry mess of the whole thing. Actually, after much time, I had them organized and began to create a Pinterest sight of my likes and such. I even made categories there too. Crazy as it sounds, I now have people who like my pictures and are sharing them with their friends.

I also have created sites that are for telling what I do and how I feel...thus, 2 blogs and 4 different 'pages' in Facebook. It seems to help me keep it together. Yes, the sites or pages are intermixed at times to stress a point of some kind and to assist people in understanding the confused mind of a deranged lady. (OK, I think that's in a description somewhere).

None the less, the accomplishments seem to be going hand in hand with the emotional and physical improvements that seem to be happening in my life. Who knew? Well, enough of this rambling on today. Maybe tomorrow, I'll organize my closet!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.