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Friday, July 20, 2012

Everybody's Talking

about the tragic situation in Aurora, CO...The taking of 12 lives and injury to around 53 others. First thing I heard about this morning after I had gone to the Doctor... James Holmes was 24. He had taken diliberate steps to get his plan to run smoothly. He made a sophisticated bomb set up at his apartment across town and then went to the Cinema Theater complex and got his ticket. He was going to see the new Batman movie at the midnight special showing. He had in a period of 2 months, bought and paid for 4 different guns to use for his plan. He even bought barrel magazines of bullets to use. After the movie began and the audience got into the mood of the movie, he started working his plan. He got out of his seat and opened a side door and blocked it as he moved outside of the theater. When he came back, he was dressed from top to bottom in the gear of a army warrior..(I can't call him a Soldier as it's a name for honor), he had the four guns with him and a couple of canister gas grenades which he tossed into the seating of the audience. The cannisters popped and smoke filled the room...Immediately, he began to shoot into the audience and killed a total of 12 people that were trying to leave, even a 3 month old baby was killed, a young lady who had escaped the same scene in Canada only months earlier was also killed. The irony of who was able to leave on foot or on a stretcher. In total the firing took only a few minutes and then it was he attempted to escape he was captured in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, the police are still trying to figure out how to get into the apartment to find the evidence of the prepration for this murderous ploy. According to his teachers and students who knew him, he was a well rounded type of person, very into learning and very gregarious, yet at the same time, he was quiet and stoic.

I was on such a high before I heard of this account. I was reading in the facebook of a member of congress who made outlandish statements of having a professional or regular person having a gun on himself could possibly have stopped James in his rampade. James had a gas mask, no one else did. How would the person know where James was and be able to shoot the gunman? That pissed me off...I couldn't concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day. It affected my plans and my attitude. Nothing seemed to follow me as hard as it did. I couldn't do anything right. I kept trying to pray for some respite and understanding that would make a demon do this kind of thing to innocent people. I could imagine the fear and unreasoning on the faces of the victims. I small room full of over 300 people  caught in chairs with no place to hide or get away. Yes, some did find a way and even some injured were able to get out of the movie theater with rescue units to help and take them to various hospitals in the area. I could not fathom the feelings this young man had, but also it scared me as I know how it feels to be in anxiety and depressed. I have Fibromyalgia, and in comparison to his situation, it is miniscule, but none the less, under different circumstances, I could be me out there doing dangerous things to others. I thank god that I was finally able to clear my head enough to pray for reason to stop my anger. He stepped in immediately and I felt fine after wards...

My Doctor visit? the first after my surgery last week...I LOST 10 lbs!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, I don't usually have gripes BUT:

Today I am frustrated about something I heard on TV... I'm not into the conversations that were had in this case but the situation itself.

It seems that George Zimmerman went on Shawn Hannity's TV show yesterday and gave him an interview, which in itself is not a problem as anyone he wishes can interview. Here is where the stickler is... He had requested an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters for 20/20, upon arrival at the studios, he showed up dressed in T-shirt and Jeans. While he had dressed in a really expensive suit on Hannity. He then proclaimed that he wasn't doing the interview as he had some conditions that ABC would not agree too. All the while he complained about the lack of "money" and the "desperate" need he had for it. Barbara was very upset.

Now, knowing his "need" for money is desperate for him and his family, it makes me wonder how much the Hannity show paid him to show? Also, it was hinted by Barbara that Hannity must have advised Zimmerman not to do the interview.

My frustration is with the fact that Mr. Zimmerman showed his true colors wanting the money before anything. Yes, his family is in hiding because of death threats. Yes, he has to take care of an ailing mom and supply the needs of the family. I couldn't get the type of money he is suddenly demanding if I was accused of killing someone.

I think it is disgusting that we as Americans must continue to support a trial on someone that is so devious that he has to BEG for hundreds of thousands of dollars to survive. For goodness sake. Please get it people. And stop supporting an idiot. I'm not saying he is guilty, it's not my job, but please let this be on equal terms ok?