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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

Most of the time, they are. Today, as I read through the many G+ and FB posts, I'm discovering a common theme. Everyone seems to be sharing something I am interested in. I know that's more of an obvious statement than I meant, but Im not sure how to explain it. Maybe a bit of background might help.

It started this morning with me sharing some information that was happening in the local area, blackouts, and accidents. I heard from people who don't even live close to here on this. I know it sounds normal to you, but I'm not usually one to gain much attention on these social networks. I am usually a follower and tend to agree with or protest against something shared or said. Today, I feel like sharing. 

One thing I like to share is my family pictures. Though I am limited somewhat on who's picture I show, I do share what I can. I also like to share pictures expressing my feelings, like the sea, land shots, animals and cars and so many other things. I like to share ideas and my religious outlook on life. I like to share prayers and encouragement to my friends, family and others in need or in thankfulness. I like to show people what I love, am proud of, emotional for and especially, how I feel.

I like to share my freedom of expression, something that seems to be closing inward everyday. I wish we could be honest and forthright about how we feel. I know that lately, there is a fear of Uncle Sam following us a bit too closely, afraid that we will share how we feel about something questionable. It's hard also to share feelings when people tend to be too quick to criticize what is said or shared. I wish that sometimes, people would see for what a person has to say. Seriously examine both sides of an issue and then make decisions. When we randomly make statements without checking the facts, we put ourselves into a bad situation. Its something that shows ignorance and lack of understanding. I don't mean we have to agree with the statement, I just mean we can try to understand why it is made. I know for instance that Mr. Snowden worked for the NSA, therefore, he shouldn't reveal the information that he did. Yet, at the same time, is it really fair that we shouldn't know our rights may be violated..privacy, information and such! How do we deal with this? He gets punished for violating his company's policy. Yes, but also maybe there needs to be a more forthright policy in what is public and what is private. 

I guess we as a country are still free and able to express ourselves, but we must look out. We don't want to end up having our freedoms and independence taken away. I know in these trying times, we can expect our actions to be questioned, but let's hope that some of the answers will be kept private.

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