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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not sure if

I am a literary genius today or not, but it has been awhile since I have written here or at the other blog site and since I don't feel up to making momentous decisions, I guess you are stuck with my literary prose. I have been noticing of late that people have been courageous to tell how they feel. Could it be that the meek are speaking out? Or is it that the patient have become impatient...never the less, it is happening. I suppose it's a big thing, but I've noticed that people are not hesitant to speak out when it comes to children and animals.

They are both holding a big place in my heart, those kids and puppies and kittens and...well, you get the idea. The latest snafoo is a situation here in Fresno, CA where once again, an ignorant drunken idiot has managed to plow down three members of a family on two bikes, claiming he didn't "SEE" them. Yet, as he drove away in complete oblivian, he actually had the cajonies to stop and call a 'friend' to tell him he made a big mistake or maybe he worded it more like, I think I did something wrong. His friend, being s wiser individual than himself, told him to go back to the accident sight. Thus, he did...the police immediately gave him the traditional sobriety tests and found his blood alcohol level at 1.1, please remember that .8 is legally drunk. A young life was lost, a little sister has physical and emotional problems for the rest of her life and dad is still in the hospital. Now, the drunk says he didn't know he dragged the boy a good ways before he was disconnected from the car.

Now my questions come. First, to how lawyer...what makes him a good guy because he came back to the scene of the crime? He fled it first which is already a crime isn't it? Second, how can he say he didn't do anything when he actually told a friend something that made the friend advise him to go back. Third, if he didn't know, how did he make it to the right place of the accident... Really? Are you kidding me?

Now, tell me how he thinks he can get away based on ignorance? Is the lawyer going to make him look like a humble, unassuming type? Or is he now a hero for going back to the accident. Not trying to be cold but, if he didn't know he did something, why does he feel remorse and sad? I feel sorry for his family. They have to deal with his ignorance and stupidity... So sad..

I am sorry for the family that lost their little boy and are waiting to know how his dad and baby sister are doing?

Let justice be done in this case... PLEASE!!