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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a wonderful

Life?, World?, Day?... Wonder where I'm going here? I've noticed a lot of my Facebook friends start their posts with the beginnings of this phrase. What ever the answer is, it is positive... Or, is it negative?
For today's sake, it will be positive. Spring and fall bring out the best weather. We see the blossoms and greening of the earths crust. We get to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and the cool nights. God made his best work when he created this world and I for one am grateful for it.
Soon, we will get warmer and warmer, where as, the other side of the world will get cold and gray. Either way, the world is glorious.
We tend to take for granted the little things that were created. So much done by the hand of God, from the huge mountains and oceans to the smallest grain of sand. Everything has a reason for being and a limited existence even of a million years or more. This earth is the smallest line of time for our lives. Our biggest chore is to learn all we can and maintain our true relationship with God. For all of this, I am truly grateful.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Struggling today

I was so having a good day today...First in a while I guess when I got a post on facebook that I had to delete. It disturbed me because it attacked the two most important things in my life...My family and My church...
I guess I should be so upset but, I just had never received these types of things before from anyone. I've read a few and felt the hurt of them, but this one cut me to the core.
It was so much what it said, it was the anger I could feel behind the words that were said. Also, it was the hurt I felt for the person  that wrote it...This person doesn't really have all their faculties working properly if you know what I mean so, it hurt to see them putting so much harm to me. I deleted the post and blocked the person from my file. It hurts to know that my family had a few brief moments to see what he wrote and also others on my sight.
I have a bit of anger in my heart at the moment, like wanting to stomp this person into the ground. Heavenly Father always advised his people to never start an argument about their beliefs. It creates animosity and will never get people to understand what you believe. Evil is no way to gain an example of God's love. The spirit cannot enter an unclean mind or heart. I guess it's best that I saw that early so other's MAY not have seen it.

I can't change the fact that I saw it and was hurt. I can't feel what I mentally saw in my mind of how hurt this person must be. The derangement he/she has for the things he/she chooses to blame my family for. I only can hope and pray that someday, he/she will come to their senses and see what the real problem is. Mental health is a hard nut to crack. My depression and soft heart causes me to sympathize with their problems. It also makes me scared on how to handle a situation with them. I've met quite a few people who hurt in their minds and hearts. Heavenly Father has blessed me (or perhaps cursed me) with this incite. I suppose over time, I will learn how to handle this gift or curse and get me a chance to help them in some way.

I know my Heavenly Father loves me and will help me find the way to resolve the problem I personally have. I pray that I will be able to convey this to those I must cross paths with. May God give you good rest this night and a wonderful day tomorrow...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hypocracy Is it rampant in the world?

Yes, it is.Everywhere you turn is the non-truth of things. The posts we see online, facebook and advertisements on TV, the computer and the radio (they still have those?). Living in this modern world, I have discovered that "nothing" is the biggest means of advertisement...such as "Nothing" works as well as Xantac or as fast as Bayer.  I would really like to get a hold of that 'nothing' wouldn't you? What they mean to say is that everything is the same and you should chose our product. It's a crock to think that 'nothing' does everything; yet, something is not anything.
Want to make this more confusing? Well, I can't...too confused to be able to totally confuse the rest of you. Anyway, it bothers me that people profess something they really don't like or believe merely for the attention they can get from it. Their 15 minutes of fame so to speak. It bothers me that people are not willing to be honest with themselves and state the truth. I personally am tired of all the lies spouted by the socially inept and opinionated people of this world. I may not know everything about anything. But, I know a pretty good amount about 'nothing'. That's my job; last to know and last to understand.

My feelings are thus, if you can do anything about nothing, then everything will be something. In other words, profess the truth. It is easier to do and you don't have to remember as much as you do when you lie. I guess the less you have to explain something, the more truth there is to it. All my life my parents taught me to respect your elders, teachers and the people of law enforcement to name a few. Lately, a lot of these types have shown up in the news under non-respectful actions. Depending on who you talk to, the situations are either totally despicable or no big deal. Now, if it was your child that was attacked by the teacher or coerced into doing something they shouldn't, you would have the offender in jail or waiting in front of the firing squad. If they are unknowns, they would be pushed under the rug and punished to the inth degree...If they are famous, they get ignored...or made infamous like Mr. Sheen to show an example. A total example of evil personified and the people 'love' him? If some unknown did the same thing he did, they would still be in jail. More and more people are compromising their beliefs or ideals to get into the popularity of their fame. Why should they be punished for doing something wrong, when they can proclaim that they did 'nothing' that anyone else wouldn't do.

Crazy how that happens huh? I don't think that there should be more punishment for the same crime, but I do think that punishment should be done to those who do wrong. It's hard to watch people get away with robbery and murder and other sick crimes that seem to be on the rise. I know that lack of conscience is the biggest flaw that is showing up today. Parents over the last few generations are doing less and less to teach their children responsibility for their actions and compromising their own beliefs to keep from 'hurting' their children...It does hurt inside when you punish a child, even if it isn't yours. My nieces and nephews and even my grandsons know I love them, but I have never deliberately spared the punishment when it was needed. I don't like being the bully, but sometimes I have to do it. I am still loved by my family.
All I want to know is this? Do you really think that 'nothing' is better than something and that everything can be solved by anything? Well, I guess if anything, I can say..."Nothing" is better than what I wrote...absolutely "nothing"...