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Saturday, May 18, 2013

My mind...does it count?

Since I've had a lot on my mind lately, it seems too crowded considering how it works. So here goes to uncloud. 

I had an awesome day yesterday walking around the block with Gary and Cee Cee. She tends to strain at her leash so I am going to teach her how to walk correctly. I am working on her manners and socialization skills. It will take time, but I digress...( told you the mind is clouded). We walked at a good pace which is good for me. I'm so glad to have started my walking up finally on a regular basis.

Another thing we did was go to the Pismo Store Outlet. We checked so many places out and I found a few places that I may frequent when I get to my "fighting weight" so to speak. Nicer clothes that flatter me more and some shoes and trinkets... So nice to have new things. Not to brag, but just to be able to change my wardrobe around. Get word...

Other things on my mind are paying off all the bills when Pop's case is FINALLY over with the VA. Gosh it's been over 3 years since that began. We should be hearing or seeing something soon. I sure hope so. 

We finally found our church this week so should be going tomorrow. I really appreciate that we are finally getting settled in more. I told Gary that I still feel like I'm on vacation. It doesn't feel real yet. I guess when my routine becomes established, then I can finally settle into it.

We have started to explore the area somewhat so, it's really neat. From mountains to the ocean. Today, we are going to Napomo and a small garage sale here in town. Gonna take Cee Cee with us. 

Well, I'm still jumbled up mind wise so I will collect my thoughts on another post here. Have a nice day!!  Some of my boys below... Kyvon, Pop and Tristan...