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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, I don't usually have gripes BUT:

Today I am frustrated about something I heard on TV... I'm not into the conversations that were had in this case but the situation itself.

It seems that George Zimmerman went on Shawn Hannity's TV show yesterday and gave him an interview, which in itself is not a problem as anyone he wishes can interview. Here is where the stickler is... He had requested an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters for 20/20, upon arrival at the studios, he showed up dressed in T-shirt and Jeans. While he had dressed in a really expensive suit on Hannity. He then proclaimed that he wasn't doing the interview as he had some conditions that ABC would not agree too. All the while he complained about the lack of "money" and the "desperate" need he had for it. Barbara was very upset.

Now, knowing his "need" for money is desperate for him and his family, it makes me wonder how much the Hannity show paid him to show? Also, it was hinted by Barbara that Hannity must have advised Zimmerman not to do the interview.

My frustration is with the fact that Mr. Zimmerman showed his true colors wanting the money before anything. Yes, his family is in hiding because of death threats. Yes, he has to take care of an ailing mom and supply the needs of the family. I couldn't get the type of money he is suddenly demanding if I was accused of killing someone.

I think it is disgusting that we as Americans must continue to support a trial on someone that is so devious that he has to BEG for hundreds of thousands of dollars to survive. For goodness sake. Please get it people. And stop supporting an idiot. I'm not saying he is guilty, it's not my job, but please let this be on equal terms ok?

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