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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Needing some respite

From the last couple of days. It bothers me that some people think they need full control of everyone's life. In this case, at the expense of everyone else. It bothers me that some people do not take responsibility for their own actions. It bothers me that they can't be nice. It bothers me that they pit their children against others because of anger from failure. It doesn't surprise me however that they fail.

Sometimes, people make decisions based on here say and anger. I know that Heavenly Father takes this hard just as I do, but he is able to help me and others go on. I can only hope that the main parties involved here can move on with their lives. Too bad it has to be suffering and hurt. I know I may be chastised for this blog, but if I don't say what I feel here, I may stick my neck into a noose and get hung later.

Please know that I love all of you and it hurts me that you hurt and made some not so good decisions. Understand also, that it hurts a lot of people when you practice anger and frustration because you don't get your way. Understand that my decisions are mine and DO NOT punish others for this. I offer my feelings on my sleeve because that is how I deal with things. It's my way of coping with life, rather than hanging on for a lifetime. I do know and understand your feelings, but I don't understand you taking it out on your kids. You thinks you are punishing the adults here, but the kids will feel it the most.

My life will go on, but my sister and her family will suffer from a few moments of decision and blame. I do not condone anyone's behavior here and I hope that some day, you will see that there are two sides to every situation. I'm not sharing this with everyone because I do not want an attack of any kind to happen as the result of me having an opinion on something. I hate that the young ones have no say in what happens.

Just remember, all parties will hurt and feel the frustration with this and that no one escapes the results of their hastily made decisions.... Love you all very much.....Jan