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Monday, May 28, 2012

God Bless America

Today, my husband and I went to the American Legion post 509 here in Fresno, CA... I looked around at all the older and younger gentlemen, (yes I wrote gentlemen) wearing their representation of their services, looking proud and resolute. It was an honor to stand by and sit by them. We had a quick lunch of hotdogs and salads, and small cupcakes with a drink. All free of course as Gary had his Disabled Veteran Hat on. Though no one there knew us they still honored him as a soldier. We left there and came home to the house, they had given us enough food to feed our grandson so we dropped it off to him.
We then headed over to the Veteran's of Foreign Wars and got there early enough to meet some more wonderful veterans. I talked to a couple of them who had fought in Korea to save the south from the north. It also was an honor to meet people out there as well, again they wore their service representation also looking proud. It felt so neat being there and just sharing some of their war stories, maybe a bit embellished, but what the heck! They deserve the observance they received this day, this weekend. The high light of my day was to be able to watch the ceremony of the flags, 21 gun salute and the honor of the two wreaths that were set upon the statue of the gun,boots and hat. I guess I should have taken pictures but I didn't. I felt to proud of these gentlemen and for our country. They did what they had to do to keep us out of harms way.

You know what makes me upset about all this? Tomorrow most people will go back to work and back to school, complaining that the weekend is over. Finals and graduations will be done in the next few weeks and until Labor day in September, the mention of Veteran will not be made. I for one am fortunate to have many family members who were in the service. I am grateful for what they had to endure for our freedom. We must continue to remember and support our Veterans...the ones here that served and the ones that are serving...
May we all keep them in our hearts, minds and prayers...Peace Out!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beautiful Dreams

Come in the daytime. It has been so nice outside, that I have been spending time there. It's fun to watch the squirrels tease my cat. She doesn't know to climb the tree so they chatter at her and run up and down the main trunk. If I go in the backyard, the dogs can entertain just as good. Just watching how the interact with each other. It seems that animals always know what you need. They can cheer me up.
Another person who knows what you need is you. If you are able to stop and look deep into your conscience, soul, or psychic abilities you can find your real self staring back at you. We all know this and still choose to ignore it and go on being in misery. I finally decided to check into my reality and found a very sad, angry person. I've been praying and reading and learning more clearly what I am capable of.
I thank Heavenly Father for all he does for me. I also thank my step daughter for having the insight to know what I needed to face. It was tough but I will now do what I can to make me more pleasant to others around me...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

WOW It's my

Birthday... and it is a wonderful warm day...high was around 93 degrees out...but it felt like only ANYWAY...enough joking...
I had a wonderful time today. Got up a bit early for me and just visited with GW and his oldest was a nice chat... Then, I ate breakfast and took my morning medication. (you don't wanna know me without it...) and went out on the porch and chatted some more. I came back into the house and just vegged while checking messages and such on my phone. After I changed my clothes, Pop and I went out for a ride into the Friant/Millerton area. We then scoped on up to Auberry and turned back. We ended up on Hwy 41 and went up to Chukchanzi Casino... it's really a nice one...Indian casino's are allowed in CA... I wasn't paying attention to where we were until we actually parked. As we went inside, we saw the usual lights and games. Here, for those who don't know, they use only paper bills to play the games. I also heard that's true even in Nevada now. We didn't play but it was interesting how many people just kept putting their hardly earned money into the machines, only to watch it disappear into oblivion. We were content to find something to eat so I had a nice Chicken salad and GW ate roast and potaoes with veggies, I then splurged on a small milkshake and we sat there trying to get the energy to get up and go on...

As we left the Casino, I noticed how many people were there and it amazed me (though I shouldn't be shocked) how many people were there for just the slots and poker. What a waste of money. Of course, the Indian tribe was happy as was the ballfield in Fresno also named Chukchanzi, as I think they get a small cut as well. We made our way back to town and on home. I took up the computer and played a few games and took pictures of the Eclipse of the sun and moon...It was a fun day...

As I sit now and write this, I can think of a million things that were interesting today. The most was how I am grateful for my husband of 21 years and how much I love him. He is so patient with me and I just can't believe how blessed I am... I have learned a few things this last week that have made it necessary for me to evaluate my daily plan and I finally got busy. I am reading more scriptures and having prayer more often. I can't say I do it all the time, but I am sharing my feelings with my family and our Heavenly Father. I also am trying to keep more in touch with my spiritual side and trying to do what I can to help others. It is more rewarding than I ever knew.

As I said before and always will say. I love my family and friends. I also love my church and know without a doubt that it is true. I am always amazed at how God helps us when we make the effort to do his will. I know if I was truly to go into the life I should, I would be overwhelmed with his love and support, for as I just begin to do these things, he awards me even now. I will always be eternally grateful for my mate Gary and the love we share together. He finishes me and makes me feel whole. I love him with all my heart and soul, second only to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Well, I make these notes in order to show how much I care for you. To be able to share my life and love with the public is a good thing, as long as I am willing to share my testimony...Each and every day I will.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy days are

Here again!! How awesome it is to see things settling down in my household. It's also great to see my family and friends get together and keep the spirit positive. I've noticed these last few days...or should I say last few weeks, that people have been together for support and prayers.
As we are all hit with struggles and problems, and who isn't now a days... I've also noticed a sharp increase in family and friend support online. I would guess it is because we share more of our lives online than ever before. For this I am grateful, yet somewhat worried. It is an awesome thing to see many lines of prayers for you and I'm thinking about you. I have learned that the one thing we shouldn't do is take on these problems. Keep your hearts light and just do as you promise...Pray and ask questions when you feel it is right. Some people share the situation and ask for help while others just need the prayer. It is good either way.

The only thing we need to be aware of is how hackers can take this information and use it against us. For instance, every time we start to put something in a post, have you noticed that the left side information changes at the hint of buzz words. For instance, if I start to write about Fibromyalgia, I begin to see information pop up on Fibromyalgia on the left side of the screen...Likes, sites and such pop up to show that at least Facebook is checking out the post. Sometimes, that can be a pain. So be careful what you share and be assured that I for one will not post or deliberately share something that is private. Usually, if I want to know more, I send a private message to the person involved or call them. It is much easier that way.

I am also grateful for the self addressed pole I took yesterday, on my glasses. I bought two pair, I use the bigger ones when online and in the house, everyone seemed to like my smaller rectangle glasses, thus those will be the public choice...unless of course, I change my mind. After all, I am a woman and that's my right!!.. I love that we can share our friendships online with people we are beginning to know even better. I know while I was in high school, most of the people I met I knew by name or look, but didn't really get to know them, perhaps for me it was because I was fairly new to Riverdale and we as a family hadn't established a relationship with  the town. Now, all our family is out of Riverdale but thanks to the stragglers of 30 years here in CA, we have developed a relationship where our name is recognized and thankfully for the good. Gaining relationships with family, close or distant has been a blessing as well. I am truly grateful for the ability to chat with my cousins that I haven't seen since we were all knee high to grasshoppers...back in the day you know? My last visit to Indiana and Kansas was in 1970 for the most of it, though I have been there a couple of times since, I didn't really get to visit most of the relatives. It will be fun to see them all again...I only hope to be able to do this fairly soon.

Making new friends is also awesome, this has been an eye opener for me as I have mostly been a to myself type of person. I've had the courage to branch out and share my likes and dislikes and find more people who are like me. Sometimes, it is hard to reach out and I simply just don't post much those days. But to know, that if I want, I can get in touch with more people, makes me feel more confident. I can only hope that I leave more of a positive taste on people's minds and thoughts. I guess it makes a difference huh?

Anyways, I do feel better today about this kind of thing. I feel grateful and full of warmth because I can decide for myself how I want to share my life from one day to the next. I am a bit crazy as I have mentioned before, but that is me...after all...who isn't?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"I'm mad as hell..."

A wonderful phrase that most people get upset about...I just don't get the promotion of subjects that are done now a days. I know I am going to piss off some people today with this blog, but I gotta say what I feel. Years and years of slow intoxication has happened in America and it is causing loss of faith for a lot of people or at least a compromise in their beliefs and standards.

I get it that we as human have our differences and feelings and such, but I just don't understand why this wonderful world can't tell the truth of how they feel. I am in fact skirting the subject that is on my mind.
I have and love my gay friends. We get along because of all the things we share in common from feelings and activities to other friends. What I don't like and that is happening on a lot of fronts is Government choosing who should marry who and why? I agree that the BLGT has a right to the same rights as the rest of the world, but I personally can't get with gay marriage. I guess I'm too old to change this view and it is the one that is bothering me right now.

 It is only one of many on my mind today, so I will continue.

What else bothers me more is the fact that Education is getting a back seat to finances. Strange how it is always the way. Seems that the only people who get a full education is the rich and fortunate few. From the time a child makes Kindergarten, the files begin and they make a big impression on how the child is treated over the years. I know from many examples of what I speak. I know that most teachers really care about their students and will do anything to get them what they need. When I see a commercial where 6 kids a day are kicked out of class just in the Fresno School District alone, I worry. I worry more when I watch the news and an important vote is up for grabs and only a hand full of parents show up in support... What does that say to the kids? Teachers are there to educate and the parents are supposed to be there for support. I know a lot of moms and dads do care how much their child learns. I have two daughters who exemplify their support of the education of their children. What I worry about is that someday, when their children want to advance their education to college level, how are they going to do it? I have one grandson that is going to go to a fine institution. He has been applying for grants, scholarships and the like. His parents are ambitious enough to help and support him as much as they are able. If he hadn't put out the effort in school to excel, he wouldn't be able to go.

Another thing that is getting on my nerves lately is the Political arena. Maybe I shouldn't travel here but, I just can't stand how they expect EVERYONE to believe the same way...If I want to believe in equal rights for all, then that is my right. I know that it sounds strange since I just put my feelings on gay marriage but, it is my feelings. I feel that everyone should be able to believe what they want without reprisal from the lefts or rights or even middles. I know that church and state are supposed to be separate but it seems that the Political arena wants to blend them together. That's not fair...It puts everyone on edge and causes a lot of anger. Sometimes, I think it would be wonderful if we could have church and state together but then I get to thinking, Which church is supposed to run this? Just the dynamics of thought makes it ridiculous to mix the two. A lot of people base their lives on religion and I am not saying this is wrong, far from it in fact. I personally base my life on God and how I believe. I try to be a good example of my beliefs and sometimes, I know I falter. I am not perfect. What bothers me is that some people think they are above the normal bearing of politics and can do what they want. They say that Obama is a Democratic Socialist. That he tends to want all things ran by the Government. They also say that Romney will try to run the Presidency through his religion (LDS) and use their format for the new profile of the Government. What I can't stand is how far apart the two sides have become, to the point that laws are not being passed to benefit the people of the country. They have us either spooked into thinking we can do it on our own or scared into thinking we must use the Government system or nothing else.

I know all these rants and raves are a part of personal conscience on my part. A way to express my frustration and my mental screaming for the day. I also know that I would support anyone for anything they believe if they are honest and sincere. I would support all those who want a marriage in spite of the fact that I don't believe in gay marriage. No one has the right to tell us what to do or not to do if it isn't a law. The fact that I know this and want to share it is a good thing. I just wish I could truly convey all I feel, but my mind is flooded and can't run properly. I know one thing for certain, I have my beliefs and you have yours. Let's not let the rest of the country ruin that for us....